What's Happening at TMDC


   The Two Medicine Dinosaur Center is continuing its research into a multi-individual Tyrannosaurid site, and castings of these remains have been requested by other institutions for display and comparison. This work will continue through 2013 in addition to the other work ongoing.


Last year, in conjunction with the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum, TMDC staff discovered what appears to be a T-rex! Our summer field work will focus on that site and the recovery of that specimen. Come help us dig it!

current projects

   During the 2011 and 2012 dig seasons, an armored dinosaur was excavated and brought into the facility. It is very exciting to have one of these rare animals in the Center! Its preparation should take approximately 2 years, and we have already seen enough to know that the specimen will provide significant insights into this animal group.

In other news, remains from the largest quarry in which we have ever worked, the "BOB" quarry, are finally being prepared at speed. We should have the majority of the Tyrannosaurid prepared yet this year, and all of the material should be done by this time next year. We have already made discoveries that will be reported in several upcoming papers, and we expect to make more during the preparation process. Stay tuned for updates!