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Becoming Dinosaurs book cover

To truly understand Earth's climate we must start at the beginning . . .

     The Earth is not a stable place. Throughout the entire geologic history of our planet, climatic events that dramatically change the world are common. The introduction of free oxygen into the Earth's earliest atmosphere spelled demise for the algae responsible. The emergence of grasses, active volcanic eruptions and acid rain contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs. Warming temperatures and an increasingly acidic ocean are threatening the coral reefs.

     For the first time a book takes a look at this problem from the viewpoint of the entire 4.55 billion years of Earth's history. Paleontologist David Trexler, author of "Becoming Dinosaurs," explains in simple terms how these events occur and the environmental conditions that trigger such changes. The challenges humanity faces as an active player in such a delicately balanced system must be considered within the context of the complex relationships between our atmosphere and the rock, water, and life it touches.

     Can the human race chart its own course in light of the climatic and catastrophic challenges ahead? There is no time to waste wading through years of scientific and political wrangling if the human race wants to save itself from impending disaster. The past is the best indicator of the future. The window of opportunity is short. The time to act is now.

"Becoming Dinosaurs" now available through the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center.

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