Its mission:

to provide hands-on educational experiences for the public, based as much as possible on actual research sites and utilizing research personnel; to promote research and publications on the objects and information collected; and to collect, preserve, and interpret for the public, items relating to the physical and cultural heritage of the world. This corporation is dedicated to the sharing of information with other organizations for the advancement of science and the education and enjoyment of the public.

Since its establishment in 1995, the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center has drawn over 5,000 visitors a year to the remote frontier of north central Montana. This nonprofit organization receives no tax dollars for its operational costs, yet provides great benefits to the public through paleontological field programs, excitingexhibits, scientific publications and consultations. Its certified and degreed staff provides the only Montana based accredited field program offered to the general public. It is also one of only two dinosaur research facilities in the State.

The Two Medicine Dinosaur Center houses a wide variety of dinosaur species, invertebrates, plant fossils, archeological materials, and cultural items. The research collections include new species of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life. The Center offers castings and museum exhibits to other institutions, both as items available for purchase and as traveling exhibits, thus allowing a broad segment of the population to learn about its unique research and collections. On display are some of Montana's rarest fossil discoveries, including the first infant Maiasaura bones from the area's famous Egg Mountain.

Two Medicine Dinosaur Center also provides invaluable assistance to other museums across Montana, helping with their exhibits, scientific, and educational programs, thereby strengthening the profile of Montana's unique museums.